The best movies about money

Ok we talk too seriously about money on this blog. I heard you guys. To take a break (no, I’m not going to eat a kit-kat), let’s talk about cinema and movies. But we stay in our main topic: we are going to talk about the best movies around money.

Money money money according to Di Caprio acting
Money money money according to Di Caprio acting


The wolf of Wall-Street

Scorcese, DiCaprio, Jonah Hill… Everything was going well from the beginning for this crazy movie.

I saw it twice. For a 2h30 movie, it means I liked it. Really liked it.

The money is more than omnipresent in this movie.

The first part is all about Wall Street and how bankers enjoy life making a lot of money. The second part is more focused on the hero, to see how money killed himself, inside at least.

It’s a good way to take some distance with the today world, how speculators took down the world and poor people.

Wall Street: Money never Sleeps

I have not seen this movie yet, but I definitely have too. A lot of friends told me it was one of the best movie on the subject. When I told them I was created an article about it, they told me: you have to see it before! But I didn’t take time to.

Plus, I love a lot Shia Labeouf acting so I can’t be disappointed.

The Big Short

The casting here is just AMAZING. Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling for the 3 I just remember.

This movie is the most complicated of all to understand, it is mainstream but you still need to know a bit about economy.

Capitalism, a love story

Michael Moore makes here a film/documentary about how the capitalism impacts the world, on a daily basis.

Michael Moore always takes an angle to demonstrate its own ideas, so it’s not dark as he wants to make it think, but there is some good to take here.

As you can see, I chose only recent movies. Because I saw them not a long time ago, and I still have it in mind.

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